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From Travis Stoetzel
Strength Coach, Athlete, Owner of Train Aggressive

First off, Welcome and congrats on being here on this page, looking for a means to get yourself to the next level as a lifter, athlete, and kickass human being.

Since you're on this page now I wanted to share some very POWERFUL info with you.

Powerful Info that's all about how I can help YOU transform into a complete and total BADASS both in and outside of the gym.

This info I keep locked up tight within a PRIVATE online community I call, "The Aggressive Strength Academy" and I want to officially INVITE you to come join by taking on a special "30-day STRENGTH Challenge" that I know if you accept will drastically change your body and mind.

Seriously, I want to be right there by your side to help mold and transform you into a stronger, faster, leaner, more athletic machine by sharing with you my best methods on how to EAT, and how to TRAIN, and how to ATTACK LIFE to be a total SUCCESS, in just 30 Days time.

Normally, getting access to this "30-Day STRENGTH Challenge" would require that you to first become one of my ELITE online coaching 
clients, BUT...
...Not everyone can afford what the required investment is for my 1-on-1 private coaching, and I totally get it. It's a minimum 90-day commitment that runs right around $1,499 (plus all of my Elite 1-on-1 coaching spots are currently full).

However, I feel that the people like YOU, who are 110% SERIOUS and COMMITTED to their training and fitness goals DESERVE private coaching from me, and I don't want someone like you to miss out on working with me or getting access to my very best strength, power, and fat loss programs simply because it isn't in your budget right now.  

So, The Aggressive Strength Academy is my best way of bringing most of what I do with my ELITE coaching clients to YOU, while also making it affordable for those that are willing to INVEST into themselves (and be willing to put in the work as well).

Inside my PRIVATE Aggressive Strength Academy I'll be able to connect with you on a whole different level by helping you progress through each of my different and highly unique training programs PLUS help give you the support you need with your nutrition (because eating is kinda important and critical towards helping accelerate your results ahead).

Bottom line is, I make sure my "Aggressive Strength Soldiers" are taken care of in every way possible.

And you'll discover EVERYTHING you need to know about getting stronger, more shredded, and into unbelievable shape. 

Because you'll have the programs and the methods needed to get this all done in the FASTEST time possible and the guess work will be totally removed. 

But, what's even more important is that you're going to get private, insider access to me so that I can personally help you along the way with whatever it is you need.

All of this works via access to my PRIVATE online Aggressive Strength Academy that's lead by me and followed by hundreds of other highly-driven individuals just like you so the accountability and motivation is at an all-time high.

There's ZERO guess work for you and nothing is left out. All you have to do in implement the programs I lay out and follow the proven nutritional principles I supply to get the fastest results possible.
Just Understand That The Aggressive Strength "30-Day Strength Challenge" Is NOT For Everyone...
This is where I need to lay down the law a little bit in regards to WHO I let into my private Aggressive Strength Academy and The 30-Day STRENGTH Challenge.

I do this because I put a LOT of hours and effort into my Aggressive Strength Community to ensure that whoever is on the inside reaches their goals fast, and because I offer this at such a major discount (in which I'm actually pretty damn insane about doing) I can't have the "wrong people" signing up and bringing the community down, because then we'd both just wasting our time. 

So understand that I'm taking a big chance by INVITING you in to take on this challenge so please make sure that you meet the criteria I've laid out below before accepting my challenge of joining.

Here they are:
  •  You MUST Be Willing to TAKE ACTION and Make Changes NOW

    When you join the Aggressive Strength Army and take on the "30-Day STRENGTH Challenge", it will likely require that you make some significant changes in your lifestyle as your Nutrition and Training will need greater priority and I'll need you committed so you if can't make this commitment to your overall strength, fat loss, and total fitness so see the results you truly want, then this challenge is NOT for you - GOOD NEWS Is... committing to this challenge won't require you to spend hours and hours in the gym or preparing meals...  In fact, you'll cut your training time in half and your nutrition is be more simple than you've ever imagined.
  • You MUST Be Willing to Change Up Your Nutrition

    Speaking of Nutrition...  You will be provided with a highly-effective BONUS Access to the PROVEN 28-Day SHRED Nutritional protocol as soon as you join up with the Aggressive Strength Academy. This features a targeted carb-cycling protocol that's blended in with specialized intermittent fasting all geared around helping you shred fat while also building lean muscle and powerful strength. This nutritional protocol is CRITICAL to your success and you'll be supplied with the exact plan that will guide you to a stronger, leaner, and more athletic physique.
  • You MUST Be Willing to Train AT LEAST A MINIMUM of 3 Days Per Week

    No Exceptions with this rule here. When we train, we keep it INTENSE and highly FOCUSED (but we make sure to train SMART as well) so if you can’t commit to the minimum amount of training days required, please do not accept the challenge invite.  Good thing is, the workouts are all designed to get you in and out of the gym FAST (always under 60 minutes or less) so you won't have to worry about spending hours upon hours working out.  
  • You MUST Be Willing To Execute and Follow Through

    Like I mentioned above, EVERYTHING is laid out for you inside the private coaching community–there will be ZERO guess work on your part. All you need to do is EXECUTE the plans that I have ready for you and you'll see RESULTS. You must be willing to keep accountable and check in on your progress as I’m going to show you exactly what you need to do–but you must be willing to do EXACTLY what's laid out. You'll have my SUPPORT and even get access to a special 30-Day Attack Plan Insider Coaching Video to get you going in the right direction in the fastest time possible.
Think Of This As Your Personal "30-Day Attack Plan" For Total Strength and Fitness Success
So The Question Is... Are YOU Up For The Challenge?
If Yes, Here's What You Need To Do Next...
If you meet the above requirements and you're ready to commit yourself to the "30-Days of STRENGTH" while becoming a Beta-Tester, I've made it super affordable for you to do so.

Normally, The PRIVATE Aggressive Strength Academy is $37/month, BUT since you're here right now, I wanted to give you a special "30-Day STRENGTH Challenge" Trial INVITE for just $7  If you LOVE the info, the results, and the value you get with the coaching and the community, you can stay on board at $37 / month after the first 30-days (can cancel anytime), and for that you get access to me as your private strength coach plus all of the special BONUS goodies I've listed below and the NEW Aggressive Strength Programs I release each month (which are all easily worth well over $37...)

You'll immediately be able to start implementing whatever program fit's YOU best so you can start getting the results you deserve.

And as I mentioned above, you also get private access to me via the coaching community where we can chat about your goals, decide what's going to be best for you, and answer any other questions you may have along the way. 
TAKE NOTE: Nothing about my programming, my nutrition protocols, or the Aggressive Strength Academy are push button "easy". 

You need to be willing to do follow through with hard work and consistency. 

Because I can (and will) tell you exactly what to do in order to achieve your biggest fitness goals imaginable, but YOU must be willing to put in the work (and have a kickass time while doing it).

So if you'd like to come and work closely with me on reaching your goals plus surround yourself with 100's of other highly driven and motivated people just like yourself, I INVITE you to scroll on below and CLICK on the Big Yellow Button to Accept your "30-Day STRENGTH Challenge" Invite.

Just be aware that I keep my private coaching community to a very LIMITED amount of people so if you're serious about reaching your goals, sign up now, and let's make some BIG things happen!
Accept The Challenge NOW and You'll Get
The "30-Day Aggressive Strength Attack
... 100% FREE
  • The "30-Days of Aggressive Strength" FAST-START CHECK LIST - which will guide you to getting up and running with your strength and fitness results as fast as possible (until now, this has only been available to high level coaching clients and beta-testers) ($47 Value)
  • The Aggressive Strength "Goals Domination Cycle" - discover exactly how to plan and attack your goals for total success (which most people get totally WRONG) - this is some seriously high-level stuff ($97 Value)
  • The Lean, Mean, STRONG Nutrition Video Series - unleash the full, in-depth philosophy behind the "Lean, Mean, STRONG" method of eating that will help you fuel your body for performance while also helping it shred body fat and build powerful muscle ($47 Value)
  • The "7-Days To Shredded" Nutrition Quick Start Formula - NO you won't get shredded in just 7 days, but you will discover how to reset your body and prime it for burning fat, building muscle, and performing at top levels in just a week's time so you will get shredded (and strong)! ($27 Value)
  • The "BIG 5 Mobility" Insider's Video - discover my top 5 most effective movements and mobility drills that you need to do to improve your ability to move better and more efficiently to get stronger, more explosive, and feeling 100x's better ($27 Value)
  • PLUS More!  
AND For A LIMITED TIME ONLY When You Accept The 30-Day STRENGTH Challenge TODAY, You'll Get Exclusive Access To "The 28-Day SHRED  Project"... 100% FREE 
  • Access To The TOP SECRET "28-Day SHRED Project (until now, this has only been available to certain times of the year, high level coaching clients, and beta-testers)
  • Full 28-Day specialized "Shred-NUTRITION" protocol that burns body fat, builds muscle while also helping you improve on both your strength and performance
  • Unique 4-week "Strength/Shred Training System" that's geared towards transforming your body composition while also improving performance
  • A $47 Value - Your's FREE
But that's NOT all...  You'll Also Be Getting Instant Access To A Very Specialized
Aggressive Strength Program...
BONUS - ZERO GEAR "The FORGED 59" ($27 Value)
This is for any man (or woman) that wants to take their bodyweight strength and endurance to the next level and beyond.  This unique "ZERO GEAR" bundle of workouts was designed for the the equipment free, anytime, anywhere warrior.  

The ONLY piece of equipment one should need is something to hang from OR a suspension trainer (for rows and pulling).  Everything else is about you using your body as a weapon.
BONUS Program #3 - The 28-Day "Globo Gym" BADASS ($47 Value)
If you're stuck to a regular "big box" type gym, this is designed especially for you and all the other globo gym warriors who have access to all of the “basics” a normal gym has with barbells, dumbbells, and suspension straps.  You'll be the talk of the gym once people see how you start to dominate your workouts (don't be alarmed when people start coming up to you asking for advice or wondering what you're training for...)
Here's A Review Of EVERYTHING You'll Get Inside The Aggressive Strength Adademy
  • Full Access To The Aggressive Strength Academy PRVATE Community ($297 Value)
  • The 30-Day Strength Challenge "Attack Plan" ($47 Value)
  • BONUS Program - The Aggressive Shred Project ($27 Value)
  • 24/7 Access To Strength Coach Travis Stoetzel for ALL Of Your Training, Nutrition, and Support Needs ($197 Value) 
  • Monthly “LIVE” Coaching Q and A’s, Special Podcasts and Videos, plus More ($97 Value)
  • Access To Brand New UN-RELEASED Aggressive Strength Workouts Of The
     ($97 Value) 
  • Aggressive Strength Challenges of the Month For Chances To WIN Prizes and More ($57 Value)
Now, if were to purchase everything you're getting inside my Aggressive Strength Academy, you’d pay well over $2100.  

And when you add in the fee's that I charge for my personal coaching and access to me, you'd then add on another $297 / month. But today, you've got an amazing opportunity to become a big part of the Aggressive Strength Academy.

And when you make the decision to join The Aggressive Strength Academy you’ll know exactly what exercises to do, how to do them, and most importantly, when. 

Your body is going to transform as you build powerful muscle, explosive strength, and shred fat.

You'll become a walking billboard that looks like a Spartan Warrior that was chiseled from stone that pretty much every man dreams of having.

Most people only dream of it… but for YOU… it'll become a reality… because you are an action taker.

So you gotta ask...  How much would you invest to achieve the body of your dreams?

If I were to charge an entrance fee of $297 to join the Aggressive Strength Academy… I’d be perfectly fine with it and YOU’D be happy because isn’t that well worth the benefits of getting a rock-hard, muscular physique with amazing levels of strength, power, and endurance.

However, I’m not even close to being finished.

So let me ask the question again…

What is your dream body worth to you?

Ok, if you said less than $297… I feel bad for you.

Seriously… any intelligent guy would say that their strength, fitness, and health is worth WAY more than a measly $297.

And yes, you’d be right.

But, by reading this far… you’ve proven something very important to me today.

You’ve proven that you deeply desire to get the strength and physique you’ve always wanted. 

You're 110% ready to take action and start packing on muscle and become a complete badass of fitness...


You won’t be investing $297 to learn my trade secrets for building a strong, powerful, and athletic physique.

You won’t even invest HALF of the $297.

And YES, I’ll go even lower than that!

You won’t even need to invest $97 (which is what I would charge JUST for the Aggressive Strength Academy "30-Day Strength Challenge")

But, by taking action right now…


Only on this page…

You’ll get immediate access to the Aggressive Strength Academy for JUST $7.

Yes, you read that correctly...

You can receive instant access to Aggressive Strength Academy for a FULL 30-day trial of only $7 which includes the step-by-step plan to help you build rock hard slabs of muscle, powerful strength, and athleticism.  

After your 30 day trial, on-going high level access is just $37/month and includes new workouts, in-depth coaching demos, 'insider's only" podcasts and special reports, monthly challenges and contests.  There is no-obligation, you can cancel at any time... but hurry, this offer is JUST for those that qualify and TAKE ACTION Today.
Take The Challenge And Get Started TODAY for just $7.
Save TODAY simply by clicking the button below.

I’m so confident that you’ll see your physique transform and your performance increase from using my Aggressive Strength Methods that I am going to make this an absolute no-brainer for you.

If you have EVER wanted to build lean muscle, shred fat, and improve your performance all at once, this is your chance.

When you invest TODAY you'll receive my special...

Aggressive Strength "Triple Threat" GUARANTEE

Guarantee #1 – If you don’t see noticeable results within just the first few weeks… just email me at my personal email address and I’ll give you every penny you paid to join back with no questions asked, Complete Money Back Guarantee.

Guarantee #2 – If you don’t like the Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers for whatever reason or you don’t like anything else in the program… the same Guarantee applies. 100% of your investment today will be returned to you without any hard feelings or any questions asked.

Guarantee #3 – “Love It or Keep It”. If for any reason you don’t absolutely love the program just request a refund and I’ll let you KEEP the Bodyweight Physique Academy just for trying it out.

You have everything to gain and your investment is 100% secure.
However, I’m not about to stop there…

I am totally committed to your success as I want to see you crush PR's with your performance levels while also getting the body of your dreams.

This is a very special offer because...
In Addition To The Fast Action BONUS Programs, You'll Also Access Something Else That's An Absolute GAME CHANGER (that no other "membership" program provides...)
The Aggressive Strength WODlab Online Tracking
Software App
($197 Value)
  • Track, Record, and Analyze ALL of your workouts - because what gets tracked, gets measured and ultimately gets improved - if you don't track, you ultimately LOSE.  Think of this as your online, in-your-pocket training journal on steroids ;)
  • Gain Access Custom Leaderboards and Aggressive Strength Insider Only Challenges - with Challenge comes CHANGE and when you can compare yourself with other athletes for extra motivation and support, that's when you see accelerated results (and have a hell of a time doing it!)
  • Access ALL of your training programs right in the palm of your hand - no more having to worry about printing off your workouts or writing them down in a notebook ever again as you can track and record everything right there on your smartphone (which will automatically update and save to your profile online).  PLUS, all of your personal workouts and progress reports will be right there with you at all times.
  • CRUSH PR's, Bust Through Plateaus, And Take Your Results To The Next Level - This software is that powerful and you'll see what I mean once you get access to it inside The Aggressive Strength Academy.
Challenge" Package (Over $500 In Value)...
And there will be MORE bonuses.

But listen, I’ve laid it all out for you so let me just finish off with this…

You have TWO possible options to pick from.

The first option is to do nothing and keep on going down the path you're going. Maybe you are randomly picking workouts from various websites or some “expert guru” you find on the internet. Or maybe you aren’t doing anything right now but are frustrated with your current body.

You can HOPE that some magic pill is created that will magically give you the body and performance levels you desire...

But let’s be honest… you actually think that’s going to happen?

Seriously now.

Or maybe you’ll just think about this offer for another day, week, month or year.

Before you know it your life passes you by and you never get the body you always wanted.

Let me tell you that this is dangerous path.

Have you ever heard that an “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”?

What does this mean?

Well, let me tell you some scary facts.

Currently in the United States, the leading cause of death is Heart Disease. Over half a million people die from this disease which is mostly preventable.

Why is this number so high?

Over half a million people choose to NOT do anything.

Their quality of life is poor and they end up dying early.

What a tragedy.

You CAN build the ultimate muscular physique in the comfort of your own home using just your own body weight and live a healthy, long life.

Which leads me to the second path.

And its your greatest possible destiny.

Your waistline is lean. Your chest is chiseled. Your arms are ripped. Your legs are strong.

You are healthy and filled with vitality.

You have absolute confidence and feel great!

You can take off your shirt in public and in private and know that you have achieved a body that you can be proud of.

Wouldn’t you rather have that second destiny?

All I ask is that you let me take all the risk for you and you give the Aggressive Strength Academy a try.

Either you get a ripped, muscular physique or you get your money back. I guarantee your results or you pay absolutely nothing.

Click the button below now to see if you qualify.
Get FULL Instant Access To The Aggressive Strength Academy By Accepting The "30-Day STRENGTH Challenge" For Only $7 - LIMITED TIME!
30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
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