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I have something very important to share with you...

If you’ve ever struggled to lose weight and watched with frustration as the scale didn’t seem to budge no matter how hard you tried…

If you’ve tried "dieting", only to yo-yo back to being even heavier than when you started…

If you hate long, boring, mindless workouts…

If you’ve popped weight loss pills and other ‘quick fixes’ with no success…

Then what you’re about to read is the most important body transformation information you’ve ever seen - - a breakthrough plan that will…
And the best part…  

***We'll Do This Together***

Understand, what we're offering you isn’t a product or a program... 

It’s an opportunity to finally get the fat loss and body shaping results that you’ve always wanted. 

And once you’ve been through this step-by-step approach to transforming your body, you’ll be empowered so that any time you want to tighten up or get ready for a vacation you’ll know that you’re just 42 days away from looking incredible. 

And you'll forget about all of the past failures and barriers you've ever ran into.  Those times will be LONG GONE...
OVER 98% OF FAT LOSS PROGRAMS FAIL… AND IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT (or because of what you might think)!
It’s amazing, but true. 

Almost every fitness and fat loss ‘solution’ on the market sets you up for failure.

That’s why in the U.S., in spite of new gyms popping up on every corner, supposedly ‘healthy’ foods taking over the supermarkets and new miracle fat loss programs and pills being released almost daily. 


Almost all of them ignore the 3 Critical Factors For Fat Loss Success which are… 
Key Factor #1
There Must Be A Deadline. 
It’s simple psychology. If you don’t have a deadline there is no urgency to take action. It’s been that way since when you were a child in school. Homework got completed because there was a due date. 

Fat loss programs succeed based on that same psychology. If you don’t have a deadline…a target to shoot for, there is no urgency. Your effort gets watered down. You don’t stick to the program. That’s why just having a membership to a traditional health club or joining classes that don't use deadlines never work. You have zero urgency and no real, specific target in mind. 
Key Factor #2
It Must Be Simple To Follow.
Almost every fitness program falls into one of two categories…it's either almost impossible to follow or there’s really no specific program to follow and it's totally random. 

Let me explain. 

Most of those fitness programs that promise incredible results probably would work…if you could actually stick to them.   All it would take is hiring someone to take care of your kids (if you have them), quit your job, hire a chef and max out your credit cards buying all of the recommended supplements. 
No problem, right? This happens for a couple of reasons really…either the ‘expert’ creating the program really has now idea about who you are and what your life is really like…or…they just don’t care and they’re creating their masterpiece program that would work if the stars aligned. 

On the other side of the spectrum are the ‘just show up’ programs. Gyms, bootcamp classes, running or long slow cardio based programs, or poorly coached and programmed X-fit programs. With all these, there really is no plan, so there is nothing to follow. They’re mistaking getting someone tired for getting them to their goals. 
Key Factor #3
There Must Be Challenge For A Change To Happen.  
For you to see any significant changes you’re going to have to step out of your comfort zone…but many fitness programs are afraid to ask you to do that. Why? 

Money. They know that no one wants to be uncomfortable forever and since they’ve ignored the need for having those short-term deadlines, they just avoid asking you to get uncomfortable at all.
They make fat loss sound like magic…’take this pill,’ ‘drink these shakes’…your unwanted pounds will disappear and it will be "easy". They prey on our emotional desires for the ‘quick-fix’ or ‘magic bullet’…but as you well know, those just don’t work. 

And for you, a busy person, all this gets magnified. You’re being pulled in 20 different directions and you don’t have time to sort through everything and figure out what actually works and what’s just hype. You need that step-by-step plan to follow because you can’t spend 45 extra minutes here or there figuring things out. That’s why it’s so easy to fall for the false promises and too-good-to-be-true offers. 

But there is a solution to ALL of these BIG Failures… 
In spite of the failings of most programs, all hope is not lost. There is an approach that will work for you and can actually be your fat loss solution.

Forged In 42 Transformation Challenge is a training protocol designed around the 3 Critical Factors For Fat Loss Success for maximum effectiveness.    It’s not easy…but it’s very simple and incredibly effective. 

And best of all, this approach is specifically designed for busy people and their unique lifestyle and time limitations. 

This proprietary Day-By-Day Challenge protocol was strategically set up to overcome all the obstacles that STOP you from achieving your fat loss and fitness success. 
BUT, Why Should You Believe Me And Trust Our Team?
Well, I've gone from being a college and pro athlete to an amateur bodybuilder, to Regional Level Crossfitter, to now a husband and father of 2 beautiful children who has trained thousands of people since I've opened The Forged Athlete Gym back in 2008.

And in my many years of training clients, it's given me the experience of making success happen for anybody!

Because it doesn't matter where YOU are now, it's all about where you want to go.

And my team and I have the system to get you there.

And just to PROVE that we don't just 'talk', here's my team showing off that they practice what we preach...
"I can say with complete confidence that training and coaching at Forged has improved every aspect of my life. When I first walked into Forged I was about 50 pounds above my fightin' weight, in horrible shape, and not living a healthy life overall. 

The physical improvements I've seen over the past three years are only a small piece of the overall picture. I dropped that extra 50 pounds,I feel awesome physically, and I even met my wife here! I think the mental benefits are even greater than the physical benefits. 

Going to the gym every day and working your butt off even when you don't feel like it translates directly into increased mental toughness. That mental toughness helps out in all areas of life. Having the opportunity to coach clients has been incredible as well. 

I love walking people through the same journey I went through and watching people go from timid newbies to warriors. Forged has been and always will be a huge part of my life".  

-Coach Andy

"I credit The Forged Athlete in igniting my passion for Fitness, and I've grown exponentially since joining the gym in 2010. 

I've trained with the gym through 3 pregnancies and 2 fitness shows. The quality coaching and community of support among the athletes within the gym is so strong it inspired me to pursue my dream of becoming a Certified Personal Trainer and coaching within Forged in 2015. 

The Forged Athlete is so much more than a gym. It's a family and a way of life, and I'm so lucky to be a part of it."

-Coach Ashlee 
Forged Athlete has been a life changing decision for me. I came in thinking it would be just like every program I'd been apart of before. 

Boy was I wrong.
The intensity was unlike any training I'd done since team sports.   But the main reason I kept coming back...  The community.  The push and drive of everyone to be better, the friendships made.  I felt welcomed into a family. 

I had come to Forged to get stronger and faster. While doing so I've watched everyone else do the same. It's been a journey. I'm glad we are all in it together.

-Coach Tony
And Just Take A Look At Some Of Our Recent Transformations...
While most fitness programs leave you confused and can kill your motivation, the Forged In 42 Transformation Challenge approach will make losing the fat and getting the body you want simpler than you ever thought possible and keep your motivation high.

Now please do not mistake ‘simple’ for ‘easy.’  It’s called a "Challenge" for a reason. 

You’ll be asked to step out of your comfort zone, but it’s this approach that I, along with thousands of the clients that I’ve coached, have used successfully to get in the best shape of their lives. 

And we're still at it today at The Forged Athlete Gym, in Omaha NE!

And once you’ve mastered this 42-Day principles, you can use forever to stay in the happiest, healthiest shape of your life! 
You could try to adapt one of the countless other fitness programs on the market to fit your busy lifestyle and spend hours upon hours modifying something into a simple, daily, follow-along fat loss formula.

But WHY waste your time? 

With the specially designed training program and nutrition plan inside the Forged In 42 Transformation Challenge all you have to do is plug in the key and “turn it” by putting in the work.

EVERYTHING is laid out for you step-by-step. 

The choice is yours. 
It doesn’t matter if you’ve started programs and stopped or if you’ve joined gyms or started diets, only to fall off track.

That’s the beauty of the Forged In 42 Transformation Challenge approach…it doesn’t ask you to overhaul your life or make some never-ending commitment. 

You simply have to make a decision to finally get the body that you’ve always wanted and put in a little effort for 42 days. 

But, how is this possible? 

Here’s exactly how it works... 

  • From the day you begin your journey with us, you'll have a unique training plan to follow  that been built in such a way that it'll progress you ahead with your fitness over time getting you stronger, leaner, and fitter (every day is laid out for you from Day 1 to 42)
  • You'll be set up with a customized "Nutrition Prescription" that's been designed to help fuel you for your goals to help strip away body fat fast while also helping you build new lean and athletic muscle.
  • You'll be set up with a special "Accountability Coach" who will keep you on track by not letting you slip up or QUIT, but instead keep you motived and focused on push your results ahead for the full 42-days.
  • You'll be surrounded by a powerful and highly motivating community of positive people, all who have the same goals and aspirations as you do for getting fitter, stronger, and leaner.
  • Every session you’ll be able to mark off one more day on the calendar, moving you ever closer to that 42-Day Deadline and the body that you want. 
  • As you progress through the 42 Days, you’ll be able to complete more reps and add more resistance to keep you progressing at the fastest rate possible and you'll see and feel the results.
Here’s the best part of this program…unlike other programs that promise great results in a relatively short period of time, the results you get with the FORGED In 42 Transformation Challenge will last for the long haul.

Virtually all other programs that promise results in 14, 21 or even 28 days are all based around losing water weight or severe caloric restriction. Cleanses, detoxes, crash diets…they all can help you lower the number of the scale but they do it primarily by causing you to lose water weight. Water weight that will come back within a matter of days once you switch back to ‘normal’ eating. 

Extreme diets that force you to eat fewer than 1000 calorie damage your metabolism and actually make your body worse at burning fat, resulting is that yo-yo effect where you gain back more weight than you lost in the first place. 

The FORGED In 42 Transformation Challenge works in a completely different way, maximizing your metabolism and increasing the number of calories you’re burning morning, noon and night. 

Once you complete your 42 days you still will be benefitting from your accelerated metabolism and you can expect to see continued fat loss.

You now have a proven system at your disposal that will get you in great shape fast that you can use whenever you want. 

The entire blueprint is laid out for you step-by-step inside this easy to implement 42 day program:
Here’s what you will get with the FORGED In 42 Transformation Challenge:
  • "TEAM Training" Sessions For 6 Weeks ($397 Value)  45-minute high-intensity, "meta-strength" training sessions that will get you LEAN and STRONG
  • Access To Our PROVEN "Forged FUEL" Nutrition Academy ($147 Value) that will make healthy eating simple and delicious no matter how picky of an eater you are.
  • Over 50+ Delicious and Healthy Recipes ($47 Value) that you'll think are actually "cheat foods" but they're NOT
  • Extra Nutritional Coaching and Guidance Via PRIVATE Online Community ($97 Value) so that we can make sure we are addressing all of your individual nutrition needs on a "tailor fit" basis.
  • Fitness Testing and Assessments ($97 Value) that will track your strength levels throughout this challenge - after all, HERO'S need to be STRONG.
  • Unlimited Support & Accountability from the Forged Athlete Family (Priceless) that will help you keep the motivation you will need to make this program a HUGE success. 
So, there's no doubt that the VALUE of this program is BIG, but the question then becomes...  


Well, normally, if you were to work with us for a full 6-Week you would be paying right around the range of $497 to get amazing results - and people have paid this on numerous occasions and been fine with it because of the results they got in such a short period of time...

However, since we want to give you the opportunity to give our program a go and we're set on getting you into incredible shape to kick off the NEW YEAR so you can impress impress your family and friends when spring time rolls around, we are going to give you a special opportunity...

You can claim your spot in our Forged In 42 Transformation Challenge right now for just $247!

I mean really... how much is losing that 10-30 pounds of fat off of your body worth to you? 

Or that extra bit of lean muscle?

Or how about that extra bit of energy and confidence??

How much is walking into work and having everyone in the office compliment the way you look worth to you?

You can't really put a price on that, but I can assure you, the investment you make by joining upw tih the Forged In 42 Transformation Challenge will be well worth it and more.

Then, what are you waiting for? 

You have nothing to lose but body fat and unwanted weight ;)

It only takes 3 days a week for 30 mins (that's 90 mins) to get in incredible shape and drop some unwanted pounds before winter hits... that's the same amount you'd might spend binge watching Netflix! 
There's no need to hesitate, claim your spot in our challenge today, and get the body you deserve, PLUS have the chance to win a PAID stay to Vegas!
YES, we will pay for your stay in Vegas and celebrate your new lean and strong body... and if you don't get any results from our program - YOU DON'T PAY A DIME!

That's right...The BEST part is that this program comes with a risk free money back guarantee. 

If you are unhappy for any reason at the end of this program, we will issue you a full refund...No Hassle...No Hard Feelings.

That is how confident we are that you will absolutely LOVE the Forged In 42 Transformation Challenge :)
Registration Closes In...
One Time Investment Of $247
(Normally $497)
We're so damn confident that you'll love our training program and the experience you have within the challenge while getting leaner, stronger, and more energized or your money back.

Give us the opportunity to show you what you can become by committing fully to our challenge as directed by us.  If after following our program as designed for the full 6-weeks you feel you have not experienced the results we promised, we ill happily REFUND your money in full.
JUST CLICK The “Transform In 42” Button BELOW To RSVP And JOIN FOR JUST $247
So since the program starts on Jan 9th, and  we want to put as much attention to each of the participants in the challenge as possible, we've limited this challenge to just 20 people total (many of the spots have already been filled!), and since it’s only a One Time investment $247, we know that will will be filling up FAST because I’m sending emails out to hundreds of people on our local newsletter list and and on Facebook.

So Here's What You Need To Do Now...

Click on the "YES, I'm Ready To Transform in 42!" button below.

Once you fill out your info and complete your order, you are officially part of the upcoming Forged In 42 Transformation Challenge.

The rest will be history!

We can't wait to meet you and get you rolling inside of our amazing program in October!

Committed to your success,

Travis Stoetzel, USC, CSCS
Owner The Forged Athlete Gym
PS – Warning: If you don’t take control now and do this for you, then you risk getting further and further from the version of yourself that you want to be. 

You DESERVE to look and feel incredible, but you’ll NEVER see a change in how you look if you keep procrastinating day after day, so take action now while you’re still here.
Where Is Your Location?
The Forged Athlete Gym
6229 N 89th Circle 
Omaha, NE 68134
How can we get a hold of you if we have a question?
Call us at: 405-FORGED-5 or email us at
What Is Your Session Schedule?
Weekly Training Session Times:
Monday, Wed, Friday's
530am (2 spots open)
615am (2 spots open)
5:00pm (3 spots open)
6:00pm (3 spots open)

Tuesday / Thursday's (Women ONLY)
5:30am (SORRY - FULL)
615am (4 spots open)
7:00pm (3 spots open)

8am (Women ONLY)
9am - "Open Gym"

8am (Women ONLY)
How Long Are Your Sessions?
Each training session is around 45 minutes in length which makes them easy to squeeze into busy schedules.
If I am out of shape can I still do the program?
Yes, we have customizations for every exercise and we can scale the workouts to fit YOUR current fitness level.
What if I can't make it every day to train?
No worries! If you can still make it at least 2 days a week to train, you will still get amazing results (especially if you follow our nutrition system).
When is the challenge starting?
The challenge officially kicks off on Monday, Jan 9th
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