ATTENTION: I’m Looking For 15 EX-ATHLETE DADS Who Want To Get Their “Edge” Back By Regaining The Health, Strength, Fitness, And Energy They Once Had When They Were An Active Athlete.
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Are You A DAD Who Used To Be An Athlete?
Yes! I used to be an athlete and I want to look and feel like the athlete I used to be again!
No... I AM A DAD but I've been never an athlete. However, I want to look and feel like an athlete!
No to both.
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This Is For The EX-ATHLETE DAD Who Wants To...
  • ​Get rid of the dreaded "Dad Bod" for good without having to go on a strict diet or spend your life in the gym.
  • ​COMMIT to change, aren't afraid to put in hard work and want a fun challenge (this isn't about a quick fix or gimmick).
  • ​Develop a new sense of DISCIPLINE so you can put an END to your BS excuses and constant lack of motivation.
  • ​Join a powerful community of other 'DRIVEN DADS' to get the extra support, push and accountability you need. 
Through the PROVEN Forged FATHER PATH you'll discover how to:
Gain an athletic physique back and shed off the excess weight you’ve gained since becoming a DAD (shred the DAD BOD)

Look and FEEL like an ATHLETE again using simple and effective nutrition and training protocols

START and END the day with rituals to create your own motivation and drive daily

Think LONG TERM and create the life you want for yourself and your family

Become a LEADER within your family so you can inspire your kids to be at their best as well

Most importantly, you will receive actual COACHING and will be held accountable to follow through with your goals!

Learn how to optimize and value your:


I help EX-Athlete DADS get back their edge in life by getting them fitter, leaner, stronger, and more energized so they can be at their absolute BEST.

Is This YOU??

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