Serious Programming For The 
Serious Athlete
Maximize Your Strength, Power, and Capacity And Become The ULTIMATE Athlete.

So, What Is The Heck Is "Khaotics" All About Exactly?
The Khaotics Method of Programming was created and designed to build up ALL areas of athletic performance and ability at once by giving you just the right amount of "Khaos" needed to take your results to the next level.

It's a one-stop shop for everything you need fitness wise because the programming has been designed in such a way to do exactly that.
Khaotics Will BUILD...
Strength and Power
Bodyweight Strength and Gymnastics
Olympic Lifting Skill, Strength, and Capacity
Running Speed, Power, and Stamina
Skill Capacity and Overall Athleticism
Mental Toughness and Focus
So, Who's The Khaotics Method Of Training For?
Khaotics was specifically designed and created for the individual who's striving to become a better overall athlete who's determined to compete at a higher level within the Sport of Fitness / Crossfit. Whether this be from smaller beginning with dominating local competitions, to crushing the CrossFit Open, moving onto Regionals, and even the Games, Khaotics will help you become prepared for any level of competition. If you have the drive and desire to compete, but lack the direction and overall guidance needed to get to the next level, this is WHY Khaotics as created... To act as the beacon guiding you to better, faster results (instead of following just a random mix of workouts)

If you're a hard working, highly-driven, motivated, and ambitious athlete, The Khaotics Method would make for a perfect home for what you're looking for. One of the main bonuses of the Khaotics System is the PRIVATE Khaotics Community which supplies you with a super supportive and high-energy atmosphere with tons of extra guidance and accountability. The Khaotics System should be viewed as a TEAM of individuals working together to reach the highest levels of your overall maximum potential as an athlete.
How Does It Work?
Weekly programming is provided for you every day of the week. Typically Thursday's and Sunday's are designed as active rest days, but sometimes the programming changes up just a bit depending on the time of year. You'll get exclusive access to the Aggressive Strength Academy and it's amazing community for posting up and sharing your training sessions so you'll be able to accurately track and keep up with progress. Whether you train with a group of friends in your garage, in a commercial gym, or just by yourself, you'll be able to see your strengths and weaknesses compared to all of the other Khaotics athletes around you. 

By joining Khaotics you are joining a supportive community of athletes engaged in the aggressive pursuit of athletic progress and total domination. You'll be expected to post your results and progress reports for analysis and accountability. This not only allows you to see your progress overtime, but it allows the coaches to as well. Through the data our athletes provide we constantly evolve to create the best programming possible. There are no egos or negativity allowed. The investment for access to everything the Khaotics System has to offer is $47 / 30 days (can cancel any time).
Workouts Are Delivered Right To You Via Private Email Every Week (no having to log into a membership site)

PRIVATE Online Coaching Via Facebook and Personal Email For Tons of Support, Accountability, and Motivation
SIMPLICITY. Everything's Been Done-For-You. No More Trying To "Figure It Out On Your Own". Get The Workouts. DO The Workouts. GET RESULTS! It's That SIMPLE.
So, Who's Your Coach?
Travis Stoetzel, Founder of The Forged Athlete Gym and Train Aggressive, creator of Khaotics Method of Programming, is a strength coach, online author, 6x Regional Level Crossfit Competitor, and ex-professional athlete. Travis has been featured on many different highly respected online strength and conditioning blogs and publications and physical magazines and has also authored other highly effective strength and conditioning programs that have all been proven effective to work.  From adding 18 lbs onto a skinny hard-gainer, to helping multiple high school athlete's win state championship wrestling titles, or getting a non-athletic, lazy desk jockey to drop close to 40 lbs of fat and compete in his first Crossfit competition in just 3 months...

But NONE of that matters...

What truly matters is how Travis has dedicated his life to helping athletes like YOU transform their bodies and minds so that they can not only look like a BADASS but PERFORM like one as well!
So, What's The Next Step?
If you're 110% SERIOUS and ready to get started with the Khaotics Method now, it's easy... 

All you need to do next is step up and get yourself all signed up at the link below.  The investment for Khaotics coaching is $47 / month (cancel at any time).

Why the investment? 

Well, I need to know you're SERIOUS and COMMITTED.

If you want to take it to the next level, you've gotta have some skin in the game.  

Simple as that.  

But if all you want is "FREE", there's plenty of programs out there on the interwebs you can get for nothing.

If that's YOU, go ahead and keep jumping from program to program hoping and wishing one will work...

If you want something that has been PROVEN to work, and you're sick and tired of being a program hopper, and you're ready to get the results you deserve, take the next step and join up with Khaotics.

After you commit and hop on board, you'll get instant access to the private coaching community plus be given a whole slew of bonuses that include specialized warm-up protocols, mobility / cool-down routines, insider coaching videos and demos, in-depth nutritional support with key coaching tips and tricks, plus more!