Yourself Into A NEW MAN??
Rich H
  • At one time was over 300 lbs! 
  •  Walks around at a LEAN 200 lbs while eating 400g of carbs
  •  Dropped the Blood Pressure Meds for GOOD!
  •  Dropped the Cholesterol Meds for GOOD!
  •  Forged Warrior Has Completely CHANGED HIS LIFE
Obadiah J
  •  Stomach is leaner, face is thinner
  •  Wife is noticing the changes (and LOVES it)
  •  Daily energy is better
  •  Feeling stronger!  
  •  Only after a few weeks in! 
Shane B
  • Hit "rock bottom" but bounced back and become the old ELITE ATHLETE he used to be
  •  Dropped over 30 lbs and has sustained it while living an awesome lifestyle
  •  Confidence is high and performance is awesome  
Mike E 
  •  Feeling better than he has in years
  •  Loving the increases in strength 
  •  Clarity in NUTRITION (without having to be on a strict diet!)
Matt S
  • Even with a crazy "BUSY" schedule, Matt was able to finally reveal his abs.
  •  Got stronger and felt more ALIVE
  •  Finally got UNSTUCK after years of trying everything under the sun to get results 

Brent B
  •  Down 30 lbs in just weeks!  
  •  Moving better and feeling better
  •  New focus on training and nutrition all together
Alan S
  •  Killed off the partying, binge drinking dude to go to a buffed up, strong, and CONFIDENT new man
  •  Has never felt more strong, lean, and energized
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