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Take Busy Dad Hubble, who is in his 40's. He was able to lose close to 50 lbs and DESTROY THE DAD BOD while taking back control of his life.  He did it all without strict dieting, taking a bunch of supplements, or spending his life in the gym.

Take Marcus, who is in his 40's. He was able to lose over 30 lbs and shred off 4 belt sizes all without strict dieting or spending his life in the gym.

Busy Dads Like Jacob, who is now more energized and fitter than ever because he lost close to 40 lbs and shredded away his DAD BOD going from a size 38 inch waist, back down to a solid 32 inch waist.

Busy Dads like Tim, who was forever a long distance runner always plagued with injuries and stuck not ever losing any weight to now being down over 50 lbs and injury free!!! He's now stronger and fitter than he's ever been in his late 40's! 

Fellow Busy Dad Brian lost over 40 lbs using The Forged FATHER Method and was able to drop over 5 inches off his waist. Now Brian's re-energized and motivated to stay active and at his best for his family.

Tim was able to kick the alcohol and take back control of his active lifestyle. He's now lean and athletic just like he was when he was when he was young before having kids down a solid 20 lbs and more energized than ever! 


After I was done playing football professionally, I let myself slip big time.

Since I didn't have the accountability of competing in football any longer, I lost my purpose and drive to push myself and stay in shape.

I got fat, unfit, and I was depressed.

I fell into a pit, was constantly unmotivated and hated how I looked and felt (see me on the left??).

I got into partying and drinking a lot because I was embarrassed I had let myself lose my edge.

I’d beat myself up about it constantly so I started putting in extra hours at the gym because of it to get my body back.

I would train 6-7 days a week - sometimes twice a day trying to get jacked and shredded.

I wasted my money on tons of different supplements.

This cycle repeated itself for a good year until I finally discovered a better way.

I simply went back to my athletic roots and started to train my body like an athlete again.

And I hired a nutrition coach and discovered more about fueling the body properly with my him than I had ever learned in college.

And I did it…

I EARNED back my EDGE in life that I had been busting my ass so hard to do AND I did it without following some bullsh*t diet or training for hours on end within a gym.

I'm now fitter, stronger, leaner, and more energized than I was back in my 20's when I was playing college and professional football.

In fact, I was the 7th fittest 35-39 year old in the WORLD in 2018 and I'm only getting fitter and feeling better 😎

And now, after getting married and becoming a DAD with three daughters, it's more important than ever for me to keep myself in great shape physcially and mentally.

Which brings me here to TODAY and what you're reading about NOW...

After going through the pain of losing my edge and feeling the way I did after I was done in college, it's become a MISSION for me to help fellow ex-athlete DADS avoid this trap.

What's why I created the Forged FATHER Project.

I've made it my mission to help EX-ATHLETE DADS build strong, lean, and fit bodies that give them back their edge so they can live their best lives. 

And now I'm on a quest to build up as many dads as I can into Forged FATHERS.

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In just 5 weeks Justin dropped 25 lbs while also increasing his strength and fitness.  He also improve his family life which is a HUGE plus
Justin C
Shane dropped over 40 lbs and got back to feeling like his old ELITE ATHLETE self again.
Shane B
Manny D
Rich went from 328 lbs to a LEAN and MEAN 224 lbs plus got off of his Blood Pressure Meds!

If You’re Skeptical And Not Sure About Submitting An App, 
I Don’t Blame You… 

You should be skeptical. There are plenty of 'coaches' out there on the internet who'll quickly take your money and give you nothing in return.

Don’t listen to me… 

Listen to the men who are just like you but are getting RESULTS inside The Forged FATHER community.  

Grif suffered from PTSD and was a broken down mess.  Now he's got energy again, isn't injured all the time, and has back his edge in life! 

This Program Will CHANGE Your Life...

Matt was stuck for YEARS and constantly run down
and tired.  He was able to shred 6% body fat and get his
LEANEST ever in just 12 weeks. 
Petey dropped nearly 30 lbs and shredded away 10%
body fat
within the Forged FATHER Project. 
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