From The Desk of Travis Stoetzel
Forged FATHER HQ - Omaha, Nebraska

Fellow Ex-Athlete Dad,

If you’re here to reignite your inner fire so you can have more energy for yourself, your wife and kids, and most importantly, get back that edge you used to have as a high-level athlete again so you can be proud and confident with the man you see starring back at you in the mirror… 

You’re in the RIGHT PLACE.

Keep reading and pay close attention.

You’re about to discover exactly why you’ve lose your edge in life and now, you’re 20-30+ lbs overweight, you’re constantly run-down and tired, you have no drive or passion to push yourself hard anymore, and why your life is on the brink of a major meltdown…

Should you not do anything, you already know that a lot of PAIN and REGRET are the alternatives.

Out of everything that you’ve tried up until now, there are 3 KEY THINGS that have been neglected, and, in turn have cause you to fail time and time and again.

It’s a hard world being a dad in this day and age, especially when you’re busy and have a lot of high-level priorities to tend to on the daily within your profession and family.
You feel like you’re alone, no-ones in your corner and when you’ve reached out to the health and fitness industry in the past, you’ve found nothing but empty promises.

Only quick fixes such as…

❌ Gimmicky “6 Pack Ab” Programs
❌ Meal Replacement Shakes
❌ Diets upon DIETS (Paleo, Keto, Low Fat, Low Carb, the list goes on)
❌ Cheap Gym Memberships (that you NEVER use)
❌ Follow Along DVD programs (that you never use either)
❌ Personal Trainers (that never helped)
❌ Motivational videos or quotes
❌ YouTube Videos and Insta posts from “fitness gurus”
❌ Detoxes
❌ Magic Supplements

What you’ve been left with is confusion, frustration, and the feeling of FAILURE.

Worst of all, you’ve lost a LOT of time that you’ll never get back.

Along with the failed attempts to “fix” your problems, other things have started surfacing as well…

😩 That connection you have with your better half and your kids isn’t the strongest and it’s losing strength week after week.

😟 Your confidence has taken a hit and your self-esteem weighs on you daily, bringing you down into a pit.

😓 On top of all this, you’re constantly lethargic, just a simple walk up a flight of stairs get the heart rate up, playing with the kids is a chore, and any sort of extra curricular activities is too much for you…

These problems coupled with feeling like you’re stuck in an endless loop of starting and stopping, has you feeling like nothing you even envisioned.

You’re stuck in a reality you never thought would come true.

You’re now an out of shape guy with a “DAD BOD” who’s nothing more than a shell of your former self.

Yet here we are…

With 2020 just around the corner, another decade will come to an end.

It feels like an eternity since you’ve been in good shape, had endless amount of energy to conquer the day and swept up your queen to express the primal power you have, that we all have, and need to express.

So what’s your plan? 

Surely not the quick fixes within the health and fitness industry I hope??

Going it alone? 

You already know that your motivation wears off only after a few weeks so what will you do when that happens again?

What to do, what to do???

Self motivation hasn’t worked and when left to your own devices the result has led to you being right here right now reading this letter hasn’t it?

There's 3 MAIN problems...

👎🏻 Problem #1
👎🏻 Problem #2
👎🏻 Problem #3

The "BIG 3".

Understanding these BIG 3 key problems right now in your life will give you more understanding than you’ve ever had before, and from there, you can then create CLARITY. 

With this clarity you will see what’s possible to turn it all around once and for all.

➡️ But you need to read on and pay close attention

PROBLEM #1 - YOU HAVEN’T OWNED UP To The Man In The Mirror

Truth is, you don’t need some sort of magical diet nor do you need the perfect workout program.

Yeah, while you’ll need to train and fuel your body properly and consistently, it’s NOT what you need to focus in on right now.


Because NONE of that has worked for you up to this point.


It’s NOT about the “information”…

Consider that you haven’t completely opened up to owning the situation of where you are right now in life.

Sure you can feel things unravelling in your life and deep down know that something is going to implode soon…

But yet you just gloss over it, ignore it, and just keep yourself distracted. 

After all, you’re a busy dad so that’s an easy thing to do right?

Saying things to yourself like, 

“I’ll just start tomorrow”…

“Monday, I’m going to back after it”…

“I’m ready but I'm just going to wait for the right time”…

BTW, it's been said that 92% of men fail with their New Years Resolutions just after 4 weeks.

The first thing you must do is OWN UP to your TRUTH.

You gotta take a hard look at yourself in the mirror and acknowledge that you are where you are and that you NEED to change.

Because right now, you’re sweeping all the shiz under the rug, turning a blind eye to it all and just hoping it's all magically going to go away.

While it might be “easy” to do that now, it’s all going to return with a vengeance and bite you right in the arse.

After that, it’ll be too late…

“I can do it, I’ve got my goals set and I will start tomorrow Travis. You just motivated me and I will show you…”

OK, that's great... so what’s your grand plan of attack?

Whats your roadmap?

Which takes me int to PROBLEM #2...


See, you can talk about training programs, nutrition and “mindset”stuff all day, but none of that means jack shiz if there isn’t an actual “Method to the Madness” behind it all.

Think about it...

You've probably had gym membership before, but you never went… 

Wasn’t for me OR I was "too busy"… you say.

You've tried the latest diet, dropped some weight doing it, but then quickly put it all right back on.

Wasn’t for me… Not sustainable. 

I mean would you want to follow some sort of crazy diet for the rest of your life??

What else??

Tried to eat clean, Keto, took fitness advice from friends who “work out”, looked for the next inspirational quote or youtube video…

Ahh the initial bursts of MOTIVATION only to fall apart again a day or so later after you've become "unmotivated"...

And back into the vicious cycle you go.

You want to know what everything above has in common???

They're all just “QUICK FIXES”, they’re NOT full-fledged solutions.

None of what yo've tried has stuck for very long because A) they’re unsustainable or B) you’re always looking for the next “thing”…

What you need is a program that combines EVERYTHING together.

Something that gives you a clear-cut path on WHAT to do.

But NOT only that…

As a BUSY DAD, you need something that combines everything together into a system, but with the BUSY DAD in mind.

For instance, you can’t follow some program that’s going to make you train for hours on end in a gym…

Maybe back when you were an athlete before you were married and had kids, but now, you don’t have that type of time.

And good luck trying to stick to some “clean eating” meal template that requires you eat every few hours and forces you to cut out all of the foods you love.

Family meals are a necessity and I don’t think you’ll be giving those up anytime soon.

You need a plan that’s tailored towards the BUSY Ex-Athlete DAD that’s been BUILT by an EX-Athlete Busy DAD

Because I know…

But then the question becomes this:

HOW do I consistently take action with a plan that’s been designed specifically for me???

And that leads into your next biggest problem which is…


This is your life and you’ve only got one of them to live my man.

I can tell you right now, one of the biggest reasons WHY you’re here now and you’ve not been able to create the change you want in your life just yet is because you lack the environment to do so.

And I’ll bet you’ll say, “But my friends and family support me."

“My wife says I look fine and she still loves me”

Of course your close friends and family will support you and they also “love” you for who you are. 

BUT, I’ve heard that and seen different when it’s been years and the connection with those closes to you starts to wear thin.

The point is they’re too close to you and clearly don’t have the right systems in place to give you the RIGHT SUPPORT you need.

Otherwise, why are you here right now?

If you had the right support, you wouldn’t be here right now.

Your success is a direct reflection of the RELATIONSHIPS and ENVIRONMENTS you've been brought through up to this point..

You NEED the right environment to support and nourish the INTERNAL environment to be able to lead your life and lead your family.

Because what’s happening now?

Something like this??

Alarm goes off… you hit snooze, then you finally roll out of bed, still tired and worn down, it’s on with the day, you live off of coffee and energy drinks, work sucks, you get home, no energy left and you’re tanked, kids are crazy, you’re snappy, can’t play with them because you’re completely drained, so you waste the time you do have sitting on the couch watching TV (that's time you’ll never get back), you hammer down a few beers to suppress the REAL problems, then the Mrs. nags on you, back into bed you climb, then before you know it, the alarm is already going off again…

It’s like you’re stuck in a never ending real life GROUNDHOG DAY.

And my hat goes off to you man.

You’ve made it up to here and haven’t completely fallen apart just yet. 

But you will, and you know it’s only a matter of time until it really gets crappy.

So what are you waiting for??

The answers to just fall into your lap??

Not going to happen.

Look, if you’ve read this far, I know you’ve had enough. 

I know you want to change. 

And I’m here to tell you that I’m the fudging best at what I do in helping Ex-Athlete DADS get back their edge in life.

But I don’t do this solely alone.


I know in order to be your BEST, you gotta have a TEAM.

You gotta surround yourself with WINNERS.

Men who will call you out on your bullshiz and tell you like it is.

Your WIFE isn’t going to do that (or if she does, it’s not going to give you the type of pressure you need to change).

You need to hear the TRUTH from other men just like YOU.

DADS who are driven to become their best for themselves and their families.  

And surrounding yourself around the right type of men all moving towards the same VISION is exactly what will help put all of this together for you.

Because your environment influences your mindset, feelings, emotions as well as your belief system.

With the wrong environment or a lack of one all together, you’re left stuck in a pit that will have you sinking deeper and deeper day in and day out with no real ideas, answers or energy to pull yourself out of.

So this is it. 

If you understand and resonate with what I’m saying, you already KNOW you MUST find your answer.

In Comes The Forged FATHER PATH.

It’s a 6-Phase System…

1️⃣ – The IDENTITY Shift (MINDSET) 

First you make that commitment with yourself to BECOME the man you must become to achieve the results you want.  

Form there we take back control of your time by prioritizing and planning out what must be done in order to achieve the outcomes we want. 

Then you’ll learn how to properly fuel your body to become an energized, fat burning, optimized machine.

…and you’ll never have to go on a strict diet or follow some sort of BS meal template again.

You’ll get back your fire to push hard within your training sessions again because you’re training like an ATLETE, building your body into a stronger, more powerful, and fit performer.

…and you won’t have to spend your life in the gym slaving away hours on end just to achieve the results.

MOST importantly, you will have the environment set in place to engage with, draw inspiration from, and get the accountability needed to KEEP TAKING ACTION. 

The other Dads, the Coaches, everyone in your corner instead of isolating yourself and breaking down again.

The RESULT? – The goals and desires you’ve spent years and years chasing will be realized and reached with a personalized program utilizing systems in place to ensure the best environment with integrity and culture in other dads and coaches to: 


I don’t lose. 

I win. 

You will win.

We will win. 

Sure, you’ll still have challenging moments, we all will. 

But with Forged FATHER behind you, no barrier that dare steps into your path will stand a chance at stopping you. 

The destination is there to be reached. 

It’s time to go get it.

✔️ If that’s what you want, HERE IS YOUR PERFECT WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY for you and me to meet.

✔️ I’m looking for COMMITTED EX-ATHLETE DADS who I can help GET BACK THEIR EDGE.

• If you’re a Dad ready to invest in himself to get back on top

• If you’re a Dad ready to lead his life and his family’s

• And if you're a Dad willing to put in the work and create a SUSTAINABLE change for life

✔️Then this is for you.

But I must warn you...

I DO NOT work with everyone.

You’ve got to show me you’re committed and ready to go ALL IN.

You have to be a 10 out of 10…  

If you’re only a 7 or an 8, or even if you’re a 9 out of 10, that won’t cut it.

I’m not trying to be a hard ass for the sake of it…

This is for you as much as it is for me protecting the integrity within Brotherhood of men who’ve made the commitment to this path already.

Apply for a Coaching Call to establish exactly where you’re at NOW and what it is you need to achieve the results you want to obtain.

At the end of our conversation, if you’re a good fit, I’ll invite you into one of two programs that suits you best…

--> The 6 Month Forged FATHER PATH
--> The 12 Month Forged FATHER INTENSIVE

And I’ll personally guarantee to deliver results, otherwise you get all of the money you invest into yourself back.

I say this will 110% confidence and zero doubts.

Because I know when you put forth the effort and completely commit and submit to the process, you WILL succeed.

I put my life on that and back it up with everything I own.

Your path to freedom lies below but you MUST TAKE ACTION.

I look forward to speaking with you,

Your Coach,



Take Busy Dad Hubble, who is in his 40's. He was able to lose close to 50 lbs and DESTROY THE DAD BOD while taking back control of his life.  He did it all without strict dieting, taking a bunch of supplements, or spending his life in the gym.

Take Marcus, who is in his 40's. He was able to lose over 30 lbs and shred off 4 belt sizes all without strict dieting or spending his life in the gym.

Busy Dads Like Jacob, who is now more energized and fitter than ever because he lost close to 40 lbs and shredded away his DAD BOD going from a size 38 inch waist, back down to a solid 32 inch waist.

Busy Dads like Tim, who was forever a long distance runner always plagued with injuries and stuck not ever losing any weight to now being down over 50 lbs and injury free!!! He's now stronger and fitter than he's ever been in his late 40's! 

Fellow Busy Dad Brian lost over 40 lbs using The Forged FATHER Method and was able to drop over 5 inches off his waist. Now Brian's re-energized and motivated to stay active and at his best for his family.

Tim was able to kick the alcohol and take back control of his active lifestyle. He's now lean and athletic just like he was when he was when he was young before having kids down a solid 20 lbs and more energized than ever! 


After I was done playing football professionally, I let myself slip big time.

Since I didn't have the accountability of competing in football any longer, I lost my purpose and drive to push myself and stay in shape.

I got fat, unfit, and I was depressed.

I fell into a pit, was constantly unmotivated and hated how I looked and felt (see me on the left??).

I got into partying and drinking a lot because I was embarrassed I had let myself lose my edge.

I’d beat myself up about it constantly so I started putting in extra hours at the gym because of it to get my body back.

I would train 6-7 days a week - sometimes twice a day trying to get jacked and shredded.

I wasted my money on tons of different supplements.

This cycle repeated itself for a good year until I finally discovered a better way.

I simply went back to my athletic roots and started to train my body like an athlete again.

And I hired a nutrition coach and discovered more about fueling the body properly with my him than I had ever learned in college.

And I did it…

I EARNED back my EDGE in life that I had been busting my ass so hard to do AND I did it without following some bullsh*t diet or training for hours on end within a gym.

I'm now fitter, stronger, leaner, and more energized than I was back in my 20's when I was playing college and professional football.

In fact, I was the 7th fittest 35-39 year old in the WORLD in 2018 and I'm only getting fitter and feeling better 😎

And now, after getting married and becoming a DAD with three daughters, it's more important than ever for me to keep myself in great shape physcially and mentally.

Which brings me here to TODAY and what you're reading about NOW...

After going through the pain of losing my edge and feeling the way I did after I was done in college, it's become a MISSION for me to help fellow ex-athlete DADS avoid this trap.

What's why I created the Forged FATHER Project.

I've made it my mission to help EX-ATHLETE DADS build strong, lean, and fit bodies that give them back their edge so they can live their best lives. 

And now I'm on a quest to build up as many dads as I can into Forged FATHERS.

CLICK On The Button Below To APPLY For Forged FATHER


In just 5 weeks Justin dropped 25 lbs while also increasing his strength and fitness.  He also improve his family life which is a HUGE plus
Justin C
Shane dropped over 40 lbs and got back to feeling like his old ELITE ATHLETE self again.
Shane B
Manny D
Rich went from 328 lbs to a LEAN and MEAN 224 lbs plus got off of his Blood Pressure Meds!

If You’re Skeptical And Not Sure About Submitting An App, 
I Don’t Blame You… 

You should be skeptical. There are plenty of 'coaches' out there on the internet who'll quickly take your money and give you nothing in return.

Don’t listen to me… 

Listen to the men who are just like you but are getting RESULTS inside The Forged FATHER community.  

Grif suffered from PTSD and was a broken down mess.  Now he's got energy again, isn't injured all the time, and has back his edge in life! 

This Program Will CHANGE Your Life...

Matt was stuck for YEARS and constantly run down
and tired.  He was able to shred 6% body fat and get his
LEANEST ever in just 12 weeks. 
Petey dropped nearly 30 lbs and shredded away 10%
body fat
within the Forged FATHER Project. 

Consider The ALTERNATIVE...

Should you be like most men out there and choose NOT to take action, understand that your NON-ACTION is still ACTION.

You do nothing, NOTHING will ever change.

You'll still wake up tomorrow with the same problems, but only your problems will now be a little bit bigger and nastier.

The longer you hold off, the more time you waste and the harder it'll become for you to actually get started.

And of course, you can go back to trying to same old sh*t you've been wasting your time with up to this point, but why would you do that??

It's EASY and it's the ALTERNATIVE.

MOVE away from the Alternative.

Take a NEW PATH.


Yeah, it might be scary right now but, should you choose to grab life by the balls and TAKE ACTION, who knows??

At time next year, you could be one of the many success stories you've seen from the other DRIVEN DADS on this page, sharing your personal wins and accomplishments... 

That's what I want for you more than anything.

But, I can't want it more than you... 

Coach Travis Stoetzel

PS - If you’re like me and you generally skip to the end, then I’m going to have to put my coach hat on and advise you do differently on this one...  Why?  

Skipping over letter above and reading a ‘PS’ won’t help you destroy the dad bod and get back your edge in life. 

Trust me, you’ll receive greater benefits if you study the words above more closely. 

PPS - Now, if you’ve read the letter and you’re ready to have a conversation on how the Forged FATHER Project could help you breakthrough to getting back a lean, strong, fit, and energized body then submit your application below and schedule your coaching call interview with me.

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