Discover What's Been Helping 100's Of EX-ATHLETE DADS Open Up Their Eyes To A New Way... A System That Is Enabling Men To DESTROY THE DAD BOD While Improving Their Energy, Fitness, Strength, Mood, Sex Drive, And Physique All Without Having To Sacrifice All Of Their Time Away From Their Family Or Struggle Through Some Gimmicky Diet.

From The Desk of Travis Stoetzel
Forged FATHER HQ - Omaha, Nebraska

Fellow Ex-Athlete DAD,

As fellow busy dad myself, I come to you knowing what you might be going through.
I'm truly grateful to have you here reading this page.

Chances are, you're not here due to luck.

In fact you’re seeing this right now because you may have been referred by an active member of our Forged FATHER community or you've been following me for a while and you know instinctively what your doing isn't working.

Either way, I’m happy you’re here because what I’m about to reveal to you has not only been the backbone of my own success:

💪 Making it to the 2018 Crossfit Games and getting 7th in the World as a Masters 35-39 Athlete  

😃 Creating a solid bit of LIFE BALANCE between keeping myself in great shape, being productive and successful with my 2 fitness businesses and maintaining a great relationship with my wife and daughters 

Building up an amazing movement of 100+ DRIVEN DADS who are using this method to become their best for their family's and friends as well.

But, it’s also been…

The Secret Weapon Behind The Forged FATHER Project's SUCCESS

Take Busy Dad Hubble, who is in his 40's. He was able to lose close to 50 lbs and DESTROY THE DAD BOD while taking back control of his life.  He did it all without strict dieting, taking a bunch of supplements, or spending his life in the gym.

Take Marcus, who is in his 40's. He was able to lose over 30 lbs and shred off 4 belt sizes all without strict dieting or spending his life in the gym.

Busy Dads Like Jacob, who is now more energized and fitter than ever because he lost close to 40 lbs and shredded away his DAD BOD going from a size 38 inch waist, back down to a solid 32 inch waist.

Busy Dads like Tim, who was forever a long distance runner always plagued with injuries and stuck not ever losing any weight to now being down over 50 lbs and injury free!!! He's now stronger and fitter than he's ever been in his late 40's! 

Fellow Busy Dad Brian lost over 40 lbs using The Forged FATHER Method and was able to drop over 5 inches off his waist. Now Brian's re-energized and motivated to stay active and at his best for his family.

Tim was able to kick the alcohol and take back control of his active lifestyle. He's now lean and athletic just like he was when he was when he was young before having kids down a solid 20 lbs and more energized than ever! 

WARNING: Building A LEAN, FIT, & ENERGIZED BODY While Destroying The DAD BOD Won’t Be A 'QUICK FIX'...

If you’re looking to build...

✔ A body you can maintain without having to live some sort of crazy unsustainable lifestyle…

✔ A body where you have plenty of energy, that's pain-free, mobile and athletic...

✔ A body that’s lean, strong, fit, and highly efficient at burning energy - meaning you have a powerful and robust metabolism...

✔ A body where you don’t have to slave away for hours in the gym or turn to restrictive diets to get and keep the weight off...

✔ A body you're proud of that gives you your edge back in life...

Good, you’re going to want to pay attention to every word on this page. 

What I’m about to reveal to you are three very simple and basic foundational elements I use in my Forged FATHER Project that help my men achieve the body they want, while becoming their happiest, healthiest, and strongest self possible.

It All Sounds Too Good To Be True, Doesn’t It? Of Course It Does!?

In the fitness industry, misconceptions spread like the damn plague.

And I know what you’re thinking…

You’re skeptical and hesitant to believe what I've written on this page here. 

And you should be.

There’s nothing else like this out there. 

The "perfect" Instagram fitness models and health gurus out there like to tell you that it'll be 'EASY' and all you have to do is take all of these supplements, eat "clean", and do some crazy workouts so you and become your happiest and healthiest self ever.
Meanwhile, they’re secretly behind the scenes being miserable, starving themselves and slaving away 7 days a week in the gym to uphold their appearance. 

I'm NOT a 'perfect' Instagram model nor will I ever tell you that this journey is 'easy'... 

If you keep reading, I’ll tell you the TRUTH and show you why we have 100's of busy dads in this program and why these men claim that our program changed their lives forever.

I'll also share with you the TRUTH about how I helped them forge a body that's given them their edge back in life that they can sustain be proud of.

If you’re here, it’s likely because you find yourself:

👎 Struggling to maintain any diet for longer than maybe a few weeks. You restrict and restrict, but you end up falling off track again and going right back to where you were before. 

👎 Slaving away for hours every week and every day doing anything and everything from Crossfit, boot camps, or crazy amount of cardio. You feel like you’re tied to the gym, but no matter how much you do, you never see the results you want. Not to mention, you’re sick of wasting time away exercising (time you could spend with your family instead).

👎 Or you’re just simply tired of going around in circles and hopping on and off that diet merry-go-round. You want to feel good, have more energy again, get your confidence back and have that edge again. 


You may experience a constant lack of focus, motivation, and drive on a daily basis.

You hate the image you see of yourself in mirror (the dreaded "DAD BOD")

You have no sex drive or energy and you feel exhausted - ALL THE TIME...

This has led to you being a bit more disconnected than you'd like with your better half.

You’ve cut out certain food groups - like carbs - in hopes that finally you’ll lose the weight or lean up.

You’re chasing your tail in a circle and you feel stuck.

At the end of the day,

You know that buying another quick fix diet program or joining a 6-week challenge isn’t going to miraculously get you to where you want to be.

In fact, you know that the more quick fix diets and intense exercise programs you do, the more shitty and stuck you might feel.

You know they won’t get you the results you want.

It’s INSANITY... doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

And you know it.

You end up asking yourself:

👉 WHO do I trust to help me get results?

👉 Is this Travis guy really LEGIT? 

👉 Do his clients actually get the results they show and then sustain them?

👉 Will this program ACTUALLY work for me?

👉 What's the catch?

And if you’ve bought into any exercise or diet programs before, I’m sure you’re familiar with this situation:

😩 You buy the new diet plan or exercise program.
😩 You get all exciting and motivated to get rocking with it.
😩 You stick with it for a few days or even a few weeks.
😩 It gets harder as time goes on and the excitement and motivation start to wear off. 
😩 You start missing a day here and a day there... then you miss a whole week. 
😩 You feel exhausted and frustrated...  despite all of the hard work you've put in, you don’t see or feel any of the results you were promised.
😩 You finally say, "f*ck it" and throw in the towel (again).
😩 You leave defeated and feeling like a failure (again).

Look, I've heard this story a million times. 

Talking with dads who've tried shake diets, low-carb diets, "clean" diets... 

Talking with dads who've tried the at-home workout DVD's, the boot camps (where they'd train mostly with women), Crossfit (where they'd typically get injured)...

None of that sh*t works for long. 

And I've felt the PAIN of failure as well.

Why Am I Telling You All This?

Because you don’t necessarily need more information or another quick fix diet or program. 

You need a proven plan.

A step-by-step system you can follow that will give you a roadmap that has been tested by others and has been PROVEN to work, time and time again.

A program that actually has a METHOD TO THE MADNESS behind it.

If that’s what you’re looking for, then today is your lucky day. 

You’re about to get the outline for that for FREE.

My name is Travis Stoetzel, and just like you, I'm a busy dad and I want nothing more than to keep myself lean, strong, healthy, and fit.


So I can have the confidence, energy, and "EDGE" in life to be my absolutely best.

Not only for myself, but for my family.

I've been in the fitness industry for a very long time.

I've been a coach for nearly 15 years.

Years ago, there was a period of time where I lost my edge...

After I was done playing football professionally, I let myself slip big time.

Since I didn't have the accountability of competing in football any longer, I lost my purpose and drive to push myself and stay in shape.

I got fat, unfit, and I was depressed.

I fell into a pit, was constantly unmotivated and hated how I looked and felt (see me on the left??).

I got into partying and drinking a lot because I was embarrassed I had let myself lose my edge.

I’d beat myself up about it constantly so I started putting in extra hours at the gym because of it to get my body back.

I would train 6-7 days a week - sometimes twice a day trying to get jacked and shredded.

I wasted my money on tons of different supplements.

This cycle repeated itself for a good year until I finally discovered a better way.

I simply went back to my athletic roots and started to train my body like an athlete again.

And I hired a nutrition coach and discovered more about fueling the body properly with my him than I had ever learned in college.

And I did it…

I EARNED back my EDGE in life that I had been busting my ass so hard to do AND I did it without following some bullsh*t diet or training for hours on end within a gym.

I'm now fitter, stronger, leaner, and more energized than I was back in my 20's when I was playing college and professional football.

In fact, I was the 7th fittest 35-39 year old in the WORLD in 2018 and I'm only getting fitter and feeling better 😎

And now, after getting married and becoming a DAD with three daughters, it's more important than ever for me to keep myself in great shape physcially and mentally.

Which brings me here to TODAY and what you're reading about NOW...

After going through the pain of losing my edge and feeling the way I did after I was done in college, it's become a MISSION for me to help fellow ex-athlete DADS avoid this trap.

What's why I created the Forged FATHER Project.

I've made it my mission to help EX-ATHLETE DADS build strong, lean, and fit bodies that give them back their edge so they can live their best lives. 

And now I'm on a quest to build up as many dads as I can into Forged FATHERS.

But Why? Because I Know Exactly How It Felt.

And because I now know how good it can feel when you have your edge back in life, for the last few years, I’ve continually refined and have improved my system… 

I'm always incorporating feedback from my clients to improve The Forged FATHER Project to make it better.

I've helped 100's of dads build lean and energized bodies so they could have back that edge in life.


By being consistent with the THREE KEY ELEMENTS in my program.

Those three bits that I mentioned at the beginning of all of this, it all sounds 'easy', right?

Don’t be fooled.

It takes a lot of hard work. 

The results are in the details and doing the work each day.

Not just for a few weeks of a month...

For the LONG TERM.


You Ready?

STEP #1: End The Struggle With Motivation Forever 

Chances are you're finding yourself stopping and starting quiet often right?

It's like you can't seem to stay committed or consistent for long enough to finally see your body change.

And if you're like most of the dads I work with, before they started with me they would stop-and-start programs and diets constantly.

I know how it goes...

You get motivated so you start something new - could be a new diet or a workout program and things start off strong.

While the motivation is there, you're excited about doing something 'new' so it's no problem putting in the work until...

The motivation runs dry. 😔

Then you find yourself struggling to stay with it.

Something always seems to come up that knocks you off track...

❌ You get busy at work and miss a couple of workouts
❌ Things get crazy at home so you start messing up on your "clean" diet
❌ Your workout buddy starts to ditch you so you decide just to give it up as well
❌ You're getting sick and tired of NOT seeing the results so you finally just QUIT

Sure, you're able to push through it for a bit, but sooner or later, you GIVE UP because the motivation you once had is no longer there.

Then you're back at square one yet again with NO results to show for it.

If you could only "just stay motivated"...

Well, I'm here to tell you something you might think is a little bit crazy...

Motivation Is A Bunch Of BULLSH*T.

You'll not get yourself very far if you continue to bank on motivation.



Seriously… if you keep relying on motivation, you’re going to let another year go by and you’re going to find yourself in the same pit.

And the more time you let go by, the more tired and stressed out you’re going become so the pit you’re in now is only going to get deeper.

As I've mentioned many of times before, if you want to DESTROY THE DAD BOD and get back your edge in life, you'll need to be COMMITTED.

This is a commitment is an agreement you must make with YOURSELF.

Let's be honest...

If you can't commit to yourself, then who can you commit to?

So I need you to OWN UP to this now.

I need you to be a f*cking 10 out of 10 COMMITTED.

No 9’s or 8’s allowed.

When you're only a 9 or 8, you'll QUIT.

You gotta be ALL IN and committed to change.

Once you’ve made that personal commitment, there’s an important step to this process that I have used with my fellow dads to allow them to keep their progress rolling ahead strong.

The step??

⚠ The Identity Switch 

Let me ask you, WHY do you brush your teeth?

You know the consequence of NOT doing it right?

Heck, even when you're exhausted you still do it.

Therefore this is a STANDARD you have in life...

IT IS A MUST or you’ll get cavities and your teeth with rot.

Which leads me to this - 

There are certain habits you know you have right now that are having a bit of a negative effect on your life that are also preventing you from destroying the dad bod and getting back your edge in life.

Most of them are the very reason you feel tired, run-down, and unfit.


You still do them 🤷🏻‍♂️

So it's pretty simple - There are certain CODES you need to add into your life that you just don't yet have.

Not because you don't want them, but because of this:

You see yourself as a BUSY, TIRED, GUY with a DAD BOD…

So you operate like one:

Tired, No Time, Too Busy, Always Exhausted and all the other BS…

Tis is where the identity switch MUST come into play.

Take an athlete for example.

Remember back when you were an ATHLETE and you had that edge in life??

You trained hard , fueled your body well and performed at an extremely high level under an enormous amount of stress and pressure.

Of course, life was a bit different back then because you probably weren't yet a DAD, but I hope you get my point.

As an ATHLETE, you were committed to getting specific RESULTS and achieving success.


Because you had certain standards, beliefs and rituals you followed.

Even when you were tired...

Even when you weren’t motivated...

Back when you were a devoted ATHLETE - everything was a MUST 🔥🔥

This is STEP ONE - You must shift back your IDENTITY to being an ATHLETE again otherwise you'll continue to adopt the tired, run-down, identity of a guy with a DAD BOD.

But this is hard no doubt. 

So, what you’ll discover about STEP #3 will be the linchpin in helping you make the change in identity possible.

But, before I dig into that, let’s dive into STEP #2…

Which will cover how we'll be REBUILDING your body back into a "DATHLETE"...

STEP #2: REBUILD Your Body With PROVEN Systems 

With "Systems" I mean a training and nutrition systems.

Not just workouts, but workouts that have a method-to-the-madness behind them.

And for nutrition, I'm not talking about some following some magical diet or perfect meal plan here...

I'm talking about using SYSTEMS that help you create results you can sustain and maintain for a LIFETIME.

So, let's start with NUTRITION since I know that's the toughest piece for most dads to get down.


Remember how you’ve might of been frustrated with trying to sustain an unsustainable and restrictive diet?

Or why you always get out-of-control cravings and eat everything in sight?

And how you can’t seem to stick with a diet for longer than a few days or a few weeks at a time?

It’s probably because you're not eating enough and you're trying to eat too "clean".

Think about it.

You restrict and restrict by trying to eat "clean" while slaving away doing a ton of cardio, HIIT classes, or simply training for hours on end. 

Yes of course, you’re burning a ton of calories and depleting your energy stores, but is that truly the secret key to getting lean and destroying the DAD BOD?

This is going to sound crazy but, you more than likely need to eat MORE than you're eating now if you want to get lean, strong, fit, and energized.

I know... ‘eating more’ goes against the whole concept behind shredding fat and losing weight, but you’re going to feel like shit if you don’t start eating more at some point.

You can’t operate at your best off of 1200-1500 calories per day - no one can.

You’re going to feel tired, cranky, and you’re going to LOSE MUSCLE and all of your sex drive to boot. 

Eating less will take a huge hit on your metabolism and it'll force your body to go into survival mode. 

And in survival mode, you’re not going to lose any weight nor will your body shred away any fat.

If anything, it'll store MORE fat and get rid of muscle.

So, if you've been stuck for a while, more than likely it's due to your metabolism being shot.

It's not about eating "clean" or following some sort of special diet like KETO, PALEO, or [NAME OFF 100 MORE Diets]...

It's not even about eating every 2-3 hours, having 6 meals a day, or if you're Intermittent Fasting or not...

What it all comes down to is your overall QUANTITY of food.

You need to eat to sustain a healthy metabolism 1st.

You need to FUEL your engine.

Once you've achieved that you can then eat in a deficit (to shred fat) or choose to eat in a surplus (to build muscle).

The way we do it within The Forged FATHER is we FUEL in accordance to YOU specifically by making sure you take in the right AMOUNT of MACROS.

Quality wise, you don't need to be PERFECT...

You just need to be 'ok" (it's a rule we stick to 80% clean foods and allow 20% of our intake come from anything we want).

When you get consistent at taking in the right amount of food for you, you can easily enjoy foods like pizza, burgers, beers, potatoes, fudge, milk, ice cream, and more.

And you'll be able to lose weight and get the body you want WITHOUT strict dieting or starving yourself to do it.

When you start eating more food (and you will, TRUST me), you'll love the new amount of energy you have, the health you feel, and the results you see.

It’s a win-win.

And don’t worry - we’re almost there.

Keep reading.


A lot of men f*ck this part up.

You're told by the magazines to train like a bodybuilder by hitting the same ol' upper / lower body splits that typically take 90-120 mins a session.

Then you’re told to hit the cardio machine to burn the fat after your lifting session is done.

If not that, you're told to hit crazy "high intensity" boot camp workouts that make you sweat like crazy and kick your ass.


Despite putting in hours of work to DESTROY THE DAD BOD, you never do it - or at least, not in a way that’s sustainable.

None of it is ideal because you can't be spending your life in the gym.

You have a family and a life to uphold...

The SOLUTION is to train like an "DATHLETE" (DAD + ATHLETE... get it??).

This is how we do it inside The Forged FATHER) which is all about...

💪 Getting you STRONG so you can build and maintain lean muscle (plus be ready for any type of LIFE activities that come your way)

🏃 Getting you FIT so you're energized, feel good, and have the stamina to play with your kids for hours on end.

😁 Helping you look and feel like an ATHLETE so your lean, don't have all of the aches and pains but instead, wake up feeling great and loving the way you look in the mirror.

How do we put all of this together?


There's a "Hybrid Method" I use to combines all of the good stuff into one complete training package.

We build the body up through strength training which will help you increase lean muscle mass and lose body fat.

We shred the fat through quick and efficient metabolic conditioning sessions that don't require you do a ton of cardio (it's fast and effective).

We stay feeling good and athletic through the extra bits of focused mobility and stretching work strategically thrown into each and every workout.

In the Forged FATHER Project, you'll go through my unique "Hybrid Training Method" which is a 24 Week / 6 month progressively built program, all designed to teach you the right way to train, safely and effectively.

When you hit the program consistently, you'll get stronger, build lean muscle and shred away the DAD BOD, just 3-4 days per week with NO cardio!

So now the question becomes... how do we tie it all together and get you CONSISTENT with the training and nutrition??

Keep reading...


I'll be the first one to say this...

As a man, it's hard to admit you need HELP.

That voice inside you wants to deny that at times, but it's true.

Your ego can become your own worst enemy keeping you from seeking the guidance of other because you might think it's 'weak' or that 'you can do it all on your own'...

Truth is, you can't become your best self without the help and support from the people around you.

Just think back to when you were an athlete and you had all of your fellow teammates around you...

Think about how much harder your pushed and how much better you did because of their extra accountability and support...

And take a second to think about the most successful athletes in the world, even the most successful business men...

NONE of them would be where they are today without having a powerful TEAM backing them.

I know when my days playing professional football ended, the accountability I used to get from my teammates also ended.

And when that ended, I no longer had that extra push, which effected me big time.

Because when I no longer had that extra bit of accountability, that's when I started to let myself off the hook, which lead to me losing my edge.

I'd make excuses so I could skip out on training and justify being lazy.

There was no external push and it wasn't until I came to realize what I was missing, that things changed. 

I needed a team again.

So that's why I initially started the Forged FATHER Project.

Knowing how powerful it was to have a team of likeminded men surrounding me, I built up the "Brotherhood" which is the private coaching community we have inside The Forged FATHER.

It's the ultimate source of ACCOUNTABILITY that in turn creates an environment for SUCCESS.

We do this through the "4 C"...

➡ Coaching 
➡ Community 
➡ Camaraderie  
➡ Competition

The support, guidance, and extra push the 4 C's create is a winning recipe.

When you're apart of a culture that thrives on hard work, commitment, and success, you'll in turn WIN.

So, if you've been wondering about what the "secret" ingredient has been that's created all of the success within the Forged FATHER, this would be it.

Okay… now you might be feeling overwhelmed.

This Is All The Opposite Of What You'e Been Told...

Look, I’d be overwhelmed too.

After all, I hit on the SAME two pieces every other fitness program of there talks about...

Training and Nutrition.

BUT the reason most of the programs out there FAIL is because they lack the extra support and guidance you get from the coaching and community I have inside Forged FATHER.

Plus, most programs out there FAIL to say anything about the mentality side of things.

They just give you a PDF document and say "have at it"...

How's that working for you??

Not too good!? 

Because don't forget that if you continue to bank on 'staying motivated' until you get to your goal, you're going to LOSE.

It's gotta be put together into a system that works as one.

Truth me told, it took me years to get to this point and figure all of this out.

So, here’s my question for you:

What are you going to do with the information you’ve just been given?

If you’re like the majority of guys out there, your answer will be “nothing.”

You’ll go back to the quick-fix diets and programs you were trying to do before and you'll FAIL again.

But, you’re not like the majority of men out there are you??

You’re wanting something that works.

You’re desperate for it and you're COMMITTED to making it work.

Which is why you’re here.

To finally get on track towards DESTROYING THE DAD BOD and getting back your edge in life again.

I want to help you get there.

And I’m looking for more fellow ex-athlete dads to help make into a success.

My team of coaches and I will work with you to get you back to where you want to be.

And you’ll gain back your edge in life.

Everything you devote and invest into this process will be WORTH IT.


Because your health and your life is priceless. 

The time and energy you'll gain back will be invaluable.

Not to mention, you’ll avoid jumping from the next quick fix diet to the next and you'll never have to do another bullsh*t training program again. 

This will give you the clarity and the certainly you're looking for.

Here's what you must do next...

CLICK On The Button Below To APPLY For Forged FATHER

I only work with dads who are ready to commit and make a permanent lifestyle change.

The first thing we’re going to do is chat with YOU about where you’re at right now in your life.

What are the FACTS?

What are the things holding you back specifically? 

Once we get clarity on that, we'll discuss where it is you want to be. 


This call is NOT a 'sales call' disguised as a 'coaching call'.

This is a LEGIT coaching call where I want to HELP YOU breakthrough so you can finally get the results you want. 

There's no pressure for you to buy anything because there's NOTHING up for sale.

If while on the coaching call I find that I can actually help you out and that you’re a solid fit for what we do inside The Forged FATHER, I'll present an opportunity for you to COMMIT and come on board within the program.

It'll be a decision YOU make for yourself.

If that's what happens, we'll take the next steps towards getting you started within the program.

First, I'll help you get your ROUTINES dialed in and setup to help you become a success.

From there, we'll fix your diet and fire up your metabolism. 

We’ll look at your MACROS and calories and adjust them accordingly to suit your specific goals. 

We'll also at the same time get you rolling ahead with your customized  "HYBRID Training" routine so you can start building lean muscle and powerful strength while boosting your fitness.

You'll be guided and shown exactly what to do so you can build that lean and athletic body training just only 3-4 days per week, no cardio.


You might be wondering why I’m doing this.

Or what my intentions are…

I'm DRIVEN to help forge other DADS into a lean, strong, fit, and energized man.

I want to build you into your absolute BEST so you can be your best.

For your family, friends, your profession, and everything else in between.

If you’re still SERIOUSLY interested, you need to apply right now. 

I only take on 20 new das per month into this program. 

The window of opportunity isn’t open for long so you need to be an ACTION TAKER.

These spots get filled every month and they get filled fast.

So if you feel this is right for you, click the apply button below.

I look forward to talking with you,



In just 5 weeks Justin dropped 25 lbs while also increasing his strength and fitness.  He also improve his family life which is a HUGE plus
Justin C
Shane dropped over 40 lbs and got back to feeling like his old ELITE ATHLETE self again.
Shane B
Manny D
Rich went from 328 lbs to a LEAN and MEAN 224 lbs plus got off of his Blood Pressure Meds!

If You’re Skeptical And Not Sure About Submitting An App, 
I Don’t Blame You… 

You should be skeptical. There are plenty of 'coaches' out there on the internet who'll quickly take your money and give you nothing in return.

Don’t listen to me… 

Listen to the men who are just like you but are getting RESULTS inside The Forged FATHER community.  

Grif suffered from PTSD and was a broken down mess.  Now he's got energy again, isn't injured all the time, and has back his edge in life! 

This Program Will CHANGE Your Life...

Matt was stuck for YEARS and constantly run down
and tired.  He was able to shred 6% body fat and get his
LEANEST ever in just 12 weeks. 
Petey dropped nearly 30 lbs and shredded away 10%
body fat
within the Forged FATHER Project. 

Consider The ALTERNATIVE...

Should you be like most men out there and choose NOT to take action, understand that your NON-ACTION is still ACTION.

You do nothing, NOTHING will ever change.

You'll still wake up tomorrow with the same problems, but only your problems will now be a little bit bigger and nastier.

The longer you hold off, the more time you waste and the harder it'll become for you to actually get started.

And of course, you can go back to trying to same old sh*t you've been wasting your time with up to this point, but why would you do that??

It's EASY and it's the ALTERNATIVE.

MOVE away from the Alternative.

Take a NEW PATH.


Yeah, it might be scary right now but, should you choose to grab life by the balls and TAKE ACTION, who knows??

At time next year, you could be one of the many success stories you've seen from the other DRIVEN DADS on this page, sharing your personal wins and accomplishments... 

That's what I want for you more than anything.

But, I can't want it more than you... 

Coach Travis Stoetzel

PS - If you’re like me and you generally skip to the end, then I’m going to have to put my coach hat on and advise you do differently on this one...  Why?  

Skipping over letter above and reading a ‘PS’ won’t help you destroy the dad bod and get back your edge in life. 

Trust me, you’ll receive greater benefits if you study the words above more closely. 

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