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This Is A Limited Opportunity To Transform Your Physique And Increase Performance In Just 42 Days. 
I have recently unleashed something pretty amazing while working with some of my online high level coaching clients, using a lethal combo of "time based" strength, power, and conditioning hybrid training in with a unique controlled method of controlled and specific eating protocols.

This system --a natural evolution of the original 6-Weeks To FREAK System-- has been getting impressive results, and in a very short and fast period of time. 

Most of my clients lose between 7-10 pounds of fat while packing on lean and functional muscle at the same time.
What I use isn't some, "strict starvation diet", nor is it an unreasonable "2-sessions-a-day" type workout program.

The reason results come on as quickly as they do is because this program helps produce some "freakish" hormonal activity inside the body via the intense and strategic design of the training and nutrition system.
The 6-Weeks To FREAK Transformation System 
(Tweaked and UPGRADED)
Last year I took on just under 100 people into the 6-Weeks To FREAK Beta-Tester Program. 

Their job was to follow and execute the program, get results, and share those results back with me

Here is one person's (Luke's) feedback:
"Hi Travis!!
Attached are my AFTER photos, I’m assuming you still have my before photos, if you don’t & need them emailed again please let me know.
Results: Starting measurements in ()
Arms – 38cm (37cm)
Legs – 56cm (54cm)
Waist – 82cm (86cm) - DOWN 4!  
Chest – 108cm (109cm)
Goals were to strip body fat & get as close to 5% BF as possible, add some lean muscle & strength, & to improve on each lift. Main goal: to get my abs back lol
I loved every second of this challenge!! I started feeling better & seeing results from the first week. The sessions were tough but achievable & the meal plan was simple to follow. My focus was consistent the entire 6 Weeks, I put this down to seeing the small changes in my body at the end of each week, seeing these changes just spurred me on! The private community was also a driving factor, the constant updates & struggle to better each other just drives me on!
I am really happy with the results & how I feel & look. I like the improvement with Olympic Lifts as well but it's all just the beginning!! The hard work must continue for constant & consistent progress.
Travis, I have loved ALL your challenges & the 6 Weeks to Freak challenge didn’t fail to deliver. Enjoyable, tough, achievable..but lives up to its name! Thank you!

-Luke B
What Some Of The Other "FREAKS" Had To Say...
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With the beta-tester programs concluded, and the feedback gathered, I have re-tweaked and UPGRADED the 6-Weeks To FREAK Transformation System into a program that is even more vigorous (and effective) than the one before.
I'd Have Say It's Been Pretty Damn Effective...
But... This Program Is NOT For Everybody.

Here's Who It Can Help:
While this is a "smash it out yourself" type program meaning, you'll crank the training out on your own time, that doesn't mean you'll be own.  While this isn't a focused, "one-to-one" coaching program, you will get access to a PRIVATE coaching group and high energy community for any extra guidance and accountability you need (which I'll be involved with helping you along the way). 

You'll get very in-depth instructions on what to do which are all simple, straightforward, and very easy to understand.

I lay everything out for you so there is ZERO guesswork involved with nothing left for you to figure out on your own. 

But I can't do the workouts for you and I can't MAKE you follow the nutrition plan. 

That is on you. 

So, before you sign up, know the requirements:
1. You MUST be willing to follow plain and simple directions. Parts of this program may seem entirely new to you and, admittedly, unusual BUT all I ask is that you trust the process, and follow through. Do that and you will be very pleased with the results + more.

2. You MUST be willing to change up your nutrition. I am going to make the nutrition very simple and very straightforward, but if you're not willing to make a few simple tweaks and changes to your nutrition, don't even bother (cool thing is you can use this same nutrition plan for LIFE even after the program is done - this is NOT a DIET)

3. You MUST be willing to dedicate at least 3-4 days per week to training at a high-intensity.

There is no way around this one. None of the training session are particularly long. Most of them, in fact, are less than 45 minutes.

On top of this, you don't need a TON of equipment.  Just the basics in a barbell, pull up bar, some kettlebells (or dumbbells if you need to swap for KB's).

4. You MUST be willing to keep track your progress.

While the beta tester program is over, I found that those who tracked their progress were far more likely to stick with the program and get the results than those who didn't.

Logging what you do and what you eat and how much you sleep dramatically improves accountability and your ability to stick with the program.

So, Here's How This Program Works (Important)
When you sign up you will get a welcome email describing everything you will need for the following 6-Weeks. Like I mentioned above, you don't need a lot of equipment, just the basics in a barbell (some weights) a pull up bar, and a couple of kettlebells (or dumbbells). 

You'll get special access to the download area that will supply you with all 6 weeks of the program + in-depth videos and demos.

You'll also have access to the private coaching community right after you sign up and commit. 

From there, it's all about YOU following the plan and sticking to it.

If you can that you are going to get impressive results and there's nothing you need to do other than that, or anything else you even need to think about. 
You'll need to be focused and committed for 42-days (no more guessing or getting overwhelmed with what to do)

At the end of the 42-day program, I will ask you for a progress update. 

I'll want before and after photos (NOT mandatory but are highly encouraged)

Now of course I will be right by your side to help you with whatever you need along the way as I'll be making myself available via private email and inside the private community to answer your questions. 

Because our success is closely linked, I will make sure you get the results you want.
BUT... The Time to Act Is Now

I am only making this program available for a very short time and to a very limited amount of people. I realize that those who get results are those who take action quickly.

And for the people that choose to sit around and "think" about it will NOT benefit from doing so, but instead, only delay the results they so badly say they want.

So if you are seriously interested in shredding some body fat... I didn't say EASILY... but quickly, using a real, no bullshit "performance based" training system... while building strength and muscle... act now, because this could be the best move you ever make!
Here's A Look At Everything You'll Get Inside:

The FREAK Main Training System ($97 Value)

A 42-Day done-for-you hybrid plan that strategically combines the best of strength, power, and conditioning based training that will have you shredding fat, building muscle, and improving performance all at the same time in a progressive and manner.

The workouts are NOT easy but the challenge they put your though will all be well worth it.

The FREAK Nutrition Protocol ($67 Value)

It's important to note off the bat that this is NOT A DIET.  FREAK Nutrition is built around a PROVEN blend of high performance-based eating, strategic macro-nutritent timing.  All you have to do is stick to the proven layout of the FREAK Nutrition Protocol to keep your body fueled and on track for continued growth, size, and consistent fat loss.

FREAK Nutrition gives your body maximum fueling for maximum muscle growth and maximum fat-burning capabilities — and keeps it there! 

LIMITED BONUS #1 - In-Depth "FREAK" Video Coaching Demos ($97 Value)

To ensure that you kick the most ass as possible with the 6-Weeks To FREAK Transformation System, you’ll be supplied with in-depth, fully comprehensive demo videos covering each and every one of the movements within The FREAK Training System. You’ll get in-depth, high-level coaching on regressions, progressions, as well as mistakes to avoid and exactly how to fix them for the best results possible. 

LIMITED BONUS #2 - The "FREAK" PRIVATE Coaching Community ($47 Value)

While you'll be responsible for putting in the hard work and effort yourself you'll NOT be alone on your journey as you'll have special access to the 6WF PRIVATE coaching community which will give you direct access to Travis for any support or questions you may have while on your 6-Week transformation.

LIMITED BONUS #3 - The 6-Weeks To FREAK Mobility / Recovery System ($37 Value)

Inside The 6-Weeks To FREAK Transformation System, not only will you discover how to train hard, you’ll also find out how to move with better efficiency so you can increase your results ten-fold and avoid injury. Because when you can move better, you’ll be able to perform better which will help forge an unbreakable body so you can continue to train hard and at a high level.  You'll discover...
  • The FREAK Performance Warm Up for increased mobility, power, and athleticism
  • 2 simple muscle activation drills that will instantly increase your strength 
  • 5 Keys to FASTER recovery after INTENSE workouts
  • The 4 Freak Recovery Routines that will increase your mobility and get you back and ready to go at 110%
  • And a whole lot more!
As you can see, I’ve made the "FREAK" into the the ultimate solution for Total Body Transformation So I am sure you Might Be wondering how much it It's going to cost...
This is probably the BEST news of all (well, no news about cost is ever the best news but...)
For entry into the 6-weeks To FREAK Transformation Program I'd normally have this set at $397.
That's what a single phase of training with me within my Elite 1-on-1 Coaching program normally runs.
However, since this isn't a fully customized, full-fledged 1-on-1 program, I've decided to bring that down to 1/2 the cost of my Elite program to only $149.
But, I don't want money to be the barrier that holds you or anyone else back from getting in on this program, so I've decided to drop the price of entry down to ONLY $97. 
That will be for the fast action takers only and will only be for the next couple of days.
But seriously, do the math on this...
How's six weeks of proven effective programming, nutritional guidance and support, plus all the accountability you can get for around $16 a week (or a measly $2.36 a day) sound?
You'd be nuts to pass this up and I know if YOU want it bad enough, you can find a way to make it happen.

So take the next step and get yourself in by clicking the "Join NOW" button below...
Get Access To The BRAND NEW 6-Weeks To FREAK Transformation System 
Limited To The Next 20 Spots - ONLY $97
Hope to see you on the inside...

YOUR Results are next...


Got QUESTIONS?  Here's Some Answers...
Q – What equipment will I need? (this was the MOST common Q)
A – You’ll only need the basics – Barbell, Weights, Access To Dumbbells, and A Pull Up Bar. If you also have access to Kettlebells, Bumper Plates, and a Suspension Training System (TRX / Jungle Gym) then you’ll be even more set but those are NOT mandatory. 
Good news is that since you will get access to me via a private community, you’ll be able to ask me for help if you should have to make any adjustments.
Remember, there's ALWAYS a way ;)

Q – What’s the investment of the 6-Weeks To FREAK Transformation System?

A – Ah, the "million dollar question" right?  

As much as I'd like to make this a "free" program, I can't.  Since I'll be investing a lot of my personal time into helping you when you join, I've got to charge a bit for my tie.  AND, I've put too much time and effort into making this the best program possible so to know that you're 110% serious, you gotta be willing to put some "skin in the game" to get access.

Good news is, this program is super affordable for anyone that's serious. Normally, something like this would easily be an investment of around $297-397 for just 28-Days in-depth 1-on-1 elite coaching coaching, but for this it's only a single one-time investment of just $97.

That's breaks down to a measly $2.36 a day to get yourself stronger, leaner, and healthier.

Wouldn't you say that's worth it or are the results you want not that valuable?

Q - Who's the coach of this program?  

If you really want to know, it's me, Travis Stoetzel. I'm the Founder of The Forged Athlete Gym and Train Aggressive, creator of the 6-Weeks To FREAK System.

I've been featured on many different highly respected online strength and conditioning blogs and publications and physical magazines and have also authored other highly effective strength and conditioning programs that have all been proven effective to work.

I've dedicated my life to helping people transform their bodies and lives so that they can not only look like a BADASS but feel and perform like one as well.

And you'll have my FULL support the whole way through the system.

Q – Can I be apart of the 6WTF Transformation Program even if I don’t live in Omaha to train at your gym?

A – YES – This is an ONLINE based program so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, if you’re serious, ready to commit, and willing to work hard to get RESULTS, it will work for you. 

Q - What if I can't start the challenge right now? I'm currently doing another program.

A - That's OK because a system like this will never “go bad”, which means what you can do is snag it now and hold on to it for later for when you do have the time to commit.

And don’t forget...

After you crush the program and then send me your final "progress report" and pics, I don't care if that's next month or 6 months from now, I’ll still be hooking you up with another 4 Weeks of FREAK programming for FR-EE.

You do NOT have to start the program now. 

Q – What else does this program entail other then the workouts?

A – You get everything you need plus more in order to achieve the transformation you want including:
-Access to the PRIVATE "FREAK" Community (this is super POWERFUL)
-FULL FREAK Nutritional Protocol + In-Depth Nutrition Video
-Progressively Built Workouts (this is NOT Crossfit)
-Special BONUS Recovery and Mobility System
-In-Depth Video Coaching Demos That Cover each and every movement within the program

Q – How do I get get in?

A – CLICK THE BIG RED BUTTON above or below BEFORE all the spots fill up. 

ONLY the FAST ACTION takers will get in! 

Q. Just How Tough Is This Program and is this just a "Crossfit" type program?

A. This was a silly question but I've gotten it a few times just over the last 24 hours from a couple of different people in regards to the "toughness" of the program.
To be honest, it's a TOUGH program but it's doable because it's PROGRESSIVE in nature.

This means it's NOT just a bunch of random "WOD's" that were all simply thrown together (AKA Crossfit).

This program has been put together through years of testing and tweaking different protocols, set ups, and training methods.
The "toughest" part out of anything is you're willingness to staying committed and consistent with the workouts AND nutrition system together for the full 42-days.

But again, you're not completely alone on this as you'll be surrounding yourself with other "freaks" via the online PRIVATE coaching community which will keep you driven and focused in on staying on track.  

Q - Travis, I see you doing Muscle Ups, Weighted Pull Ups, and even Hand Stand Walks in the video at the top, I can't do any of that so if this program NOT for me?

A - Great question! I know one concern a few people have had thus far was thinking this program may be a bit too “advanced” in that regard.

I know I’ve got a crazy video at the top that shows me doing a bunch of “freaky” stuff, but that doesn’t show what the program is truly about.

YES, you can certainly get to that level BUT you don’t have to be at that level now nor do you have to be able to do any of that stuff ever.

Just remember, the program is all PROGRESSIVE in nature so I'll take you from where you are NOW and build you up from there. 

Get Access To The BRAND NEW 6-Weeks To FREAK Transformation System 
Limited To The Next 20 Spots - ONLY $97
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